Z1702E Agronomic Charts

Z1702E / 1.7 MATURITY

Height: Medium Tall
Plant Type: Medium

Phytophthora Gene: RPS 3A
SCN: PI 88.788


  • Absolute powerhouse! National placement bean that just yields everywhere.

  • Great phytophthora and SDS protection! Handles stress very well.

  • White mold tolerance is average. Good, but not great on IDC and BSR.

  • You definitely want this bean in your crop plan. It fits on the high-yielding ground well, but it also performs in the lower-yielding soils versus the competition.

  • Will have some lateral branches loaded with pods and leaves that benefit from fungicide protection. Be sure to load up on P & K, as you will be carrying the pod load to demand more nutrients than normal. Complete seed treatment is a must. It really looks good with Alpha Complete in the furrow, too.