Z2002E Agronomic Charts

Z2002E / 2.0 MATURITY

Height: Medium Tall
Plant Type: Medium

Phytophthora Gene: RPS 1K
SCN: PI 88.788


  • Tough bean with solid all-around package! Tough enough to handle variable planting populations and soil types. Loads its branches with pods.

  • BSR and SCN resistant. Strong tolerance to stress, phytophthora and SDS.

  • Not enough IDC tolerance for the hot spots.

  • Handles variable conditions better than most. Branches well, so if you lose some stand early, it’s going to fill in well.

  • The defensive package is good enough to fit anywhere. Having fertilizer available later in the season is going to be one of the keys to maximize yield potential. Deep placed fertilizer works well.

  • In-furrow Alpha Complete helps with root system development and nutrient uptake.