Z2002E Agronomic Charts

Z2002E / 2.0 MATURITY

Height: Medium Tall
Plant Type: Medium

Phytophthora Gene: RPS 1K
SCN: PI 88.788


  • Tough bean with solid all-around package! Tough enough to handle variable planting populations and soil types. Loads its branches with pods.

  • BSR and SCN resistant. Strong tolerance to stress, phytophthora and SDS.

  • Not enough IDC tolerance for the hot spots.

  • Handles variable conditions better than most. Branches well, so if you lose some stand early, it’s going to fill in well.

  • The defensive package is good enough to fit anywhere. Having fertilizer available later in the season is going to be one of the keys to maximize yield potential. Deep-placed fertilizer works well.